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Let’s Face It, No One Comes Out of Law School Knowing How to be a Lawyer.

It takes years – and often embarrassing mistakes – to grow into a successful, mature practitioner. Through our Legal Ally Online Rainmaker Program, we specialize in guiding lawyers through their first ten years in practice, helping them lay the foundation for a long and successful career.
  • Create a business plan for your practice
  • Develop tangible goals
  • Improve your communications skills
  • Improve your legal writing
  • Understand the basics of a thriving legal practice
  • Discuss how to generate new clients

We have coached hundreds of lawyers during our 36 years in practice. We know what works and we know where the pitfalls are. Make the choice today and subscribe to our newsletter to help you build a successful practice. Spam-free policy.

Ready to Build Your Legal Future?

Plan and Grow Your Practice

No one comes out of law school knowing how to be a lawyer. Our Rainmaker program helps you plan, develop, and grow your practice.

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Become a Better Lawyer

Growing professionally means having a plan, building your network, sharpening your communication skills and learning how to best serve your clients.

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Generate New Clients

Your success starts with your clients. Our program will help you develop a book of business based on deep, meaningful relationships that will grow with you.

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